Monday, January 16

Wright Family - Phoenix, AZ Family Photographer

Stricker Family - Scottsdale, AZ Family Photographer

Newborn Kayen - Scottsdale, AZ Newborn Photographer

Newborn Noah - Phoenix, AZ Newborn Photographer

Wednesday, September 28

Newborn Abigail - Mesa, AZ Newborn Photographer

Saturday, September 24

Winner is...

The winner is...

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Monday, September 19

Abigail's Birth - Phoenix AZ Birth Photographer

This is definitely one of my favorite sessions! I'm so excited to share these pictures. This was Larry and Melanie's fourth, and possibly their last, baby. Larry is a fellow photographer and wanted to take a more active role in the delivery, so I was honored when they asked me to take their birth pictures. Larry had previously arranged with the doctor to help deliver their baby. For those who are wondering, first, the doctor delivered the head and then Larry basically took it from there. (Doctor was right there the whole time.) I'm not sure who was more excited for this moment... me or the parents.

So on Saturday I received a call in the evening letting me know that Melanie was being induced and because of how they were going to induce her, the baby probably wouldn't be born until the afternoon of the following day. Just to be safe, I decided to go to bed with my clothes on and good thing I did! The next call came in at 2:25-ish a.m., Melanie was in active labor and was progressing fast. I hurried and jumped in the car. I was anxious the whole way to the hospital hoping I wouldn't miss it. Well, I got there with some time to spare and Baby Abigail was born at 3:54am. Truly an amazing experience for the parents! In the images of the delivery dad is on the right. I LOVE the images captured! I especially love how you can see the raw moments in time... the joy in dad's face and him presenting their new baby girl to his wife. Ahhhh, I seriously wish I had pictures like these to document the birth of my own three children, these are just a few of the images captured. Thank you Larry and Melanie for entrusting me to capture this marvelous moment in your lives!

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